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Oct 17, 2014

Chain tensioner

Chain tensioner is maintenance-free components that exist on your vehicle , so it is rarely noticed by the owner of the vehicle . However, the function of the chain tensioner is vital , because if the tensioner is not working properly will result in the noise in the engine and the most fatal is the shift gear camshaft position -
axle or gear -as crutches because tensioner chain so loose that could cause piston and valves colliding umbrella
Function of the chain tensioner is to keep the chain tension fixed in accordance with the needed machinery . While different from the way it works with the chain tensioner wheel . In the chain tensioner chain way it works is by suppressing fasteners tensioner will push rod when the chain starts keteng slack fasteners made great rods but can only go forward not backward .

The way it works is divided into three , namely manual , semi- automatic and automatic

For manual tensioner , adjustment by first loosening the lock nut and adjusting bolt after it hardened up the noise keteng chain missing . If the noise from the chains tighten been lost , lock nut can be hardened again .

In the semi- automatic tensioner , easier adjustment by loosening the bolts securing enough of fasteners rod after rod of fasteners pushed ahead by per tensioner and the engine feels smoother been voiced , tighten retaining screw .

In the automatic tensioner does not need adjustment , as per tensioner will push rod of fasteners automatically upon start keteng chain slack .

And it must be remembered doing chain tensioner adjustment during engine life .

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