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Jan 26, 2014

What is the link building

Is the process in which you build inbound links or links to your blog . The popularity of a blog can also be determined by the number of inbound links .
By doing link building it , your blog will get high traffic to your blog . So that your blog will be more quickly gained popularity and Google PageRank opportunities awarded higher .
The importance of link building is primarily for the blog is still new , but building link building should not be done in a way that is unusual manner . Do it with reasonable work , by looking for a quality backlink . Stay away from using classified as  way from spammers .
So , what is link building ?
Link building is the process to create and increase the number and quality of inbound links , ie links pointing to a page of your blog / website .
Why do the process ? As more and steeper the number and quality of links pointing to a page of your blog / website , the higher the popularity and visibility . In relation to SEO , ranking a page can be improved by increasing the popularity and visibility . The new article from a blog that has been popular in the eyes of search engines will also be indexed faster and faster to have good SERP .

Okay before discussion on further directed link building , we understand first what is actually " link " . Link is a connector ( connector ) between two web pages , both from a main page ( homepage ) or of a sub- sub- page to another page ( post / article page ) . Link is part of the website navigation can not be separated . The links are thus referred to as internal links.
Then , there are also external link , which links a web page which is in another web page , or vice versa . For example , when you submit articles to article directory sites and article links include your website / blog , then there is a connection that is linked from the page directory to the page of your article through the link .
Thus , it is clear that the link building link building also means both internally ( internal linking ) and externally (external linking ) .

Internal linking means to build the navigation for a webiste / blog on the website / blog itself . The better internal linking , the better to navigate for visitors and in the eyes of search engines . Logically , visitors can easily search for the desired article and related . Reference ( reference ) from a page to another page that shows the contents of a connection with each other . In addition , search engines can easily map out the links in the website / blog .

External linking is an attempt to establish a reference from a blog / website through the links that point to your blog / particular website . The existence of this reference shows that the content of a web page / blog is important in the eyes of the website / blog . So , the more quality and external links that point , the more important it blog page / website . Search engines then saw as the popularity and visibility of a web page / blog , so he then raised his ranking in the search engine pages ( SERP ) . Then , because it links the page referenced by many blogs / websites that also have significant value and having a good relationship in the eyes of search engines ( quality ) , then search engine ( Google ) to reward those pages with PageRank . :)

Well , here means that we have come to the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and well-grounded been why link building is important . So , how did the process of link building is good for SEO ? From what little has been discussed above , we know that a good link condition must meet several criteria and not just depend on the number but also the quality , which is sourced from the website / blog credible ( can be interpreted as a blog / website that air- PageRank more high ) , related ( have a topic / theme is the same ) , and contain appropriate anchor text .

Here are tips for doing a good link building :
A. Internal linking :
1 . Create a navigation - containing navigation links and facilitate visitor blog .
2 . Embed this link a page other posts in the particular post in accordance with the anchor text and keywords related . It also allows the visitor to understand something that is not explained in the blog post page , but described in other pages .
3 . Avoid links to other blog pages that use redirect links, because search engines do not take into account the redirect link . That's why I do not use too many widgets that use a redirect link . The two widgets does not matter , but not all of them . External widgets that do usually uses javascript generating a feed from yahoo pipes , RSS / atom feeds , ajax , and others that produce redirect links.

B. External linking :
External linking can be done in many ways , to the extreme of buying and selling links ( buy sell links) , and other spam . However I would not summon the ways here . In addition to having never and have no experience of these ways , I also have given her warning in Google's Quality Content Guidelines . So , here we will learn about building links naturally in organic SEO
Which must be understood first is the link dofollow and nofollow labeled . Links that contain " rel = nofollow " , will be ignored as a quality reference by Google , though it is still counted as a backlink . The tag is used because of web spam being indexed by Google and other websites are detrimental to many qualified but lost in SEO . While Yahoo and other search engines do not pay attention to this . That is why we can easily assigned the tens of thousands of backlinks Yahoo , while to get backlinks only 1 of Google's hard as hell. In addition , I also pay attention to the quality and relevance of the anchor text of websites / blogs that provide backlinks .

So , here are the basic steps to build an external link :
1 . Submit your blog to directories and social bookmarking . Prioritize directories and social bookmarking dofollow .
2 . Blogwalking is powerful as a means to build links . Berkomentarlah to leave a link you want to maximize and fill in the name of commentators with anchor text to be optimized . Once again , for Google backlinks , prioritize on blogs with dofollow comment .
3 . Be sure to have the original article and not cheat so you can get a linkback from websites / blogs that reference or copy your blog posts . If there is a copy-paste without a linkback / link source , be sure to ask for it. That is why I strongly emphasizes the link source in my article that in - Copas , is for the common good . Because once I know an article is a cheat , then he will lose his SERP ranking as low as possible , or bahkanmenghapus of index search results .
4 . Watch really use anchor text in the link ( hyperlink ) are left in accordance with the target keywords to be optimized in search engines , for example, on this blog I use the " tips - tricks blogger " as the keyword that is being optimized .
6 . External Link also includes the links from the blog that leads to a website / blog . Provide a link back to sites with good credibility and rank can also provide added value in the eyes of search engines . Avoid giving links on sites that have a poor credibility , for example, web spammers , auto content , aggregators , search engines blogs , blogs that do not have original content , and other junk sites because it can reduce pouplaritas a web / blog . We can not control who provide a backlink to your blog / website , but we can control and attention to whom we give the backlink .
7 . For new blogs , link to first optimize the main page ( homepage ) to strengthen the authority and popularity.

In addition to the above methods , you can build a link with for example be a guess blogger ( as a guest writer on other blogs ) , but to begin with, I put more emphasis on the ways mentioned above .


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