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Jan 18, 2014

Disadvantages Blogspot for SEO and Solutions

Talking about weaknesses or deficiencies seo friendly blogspot whether or not , has actually been much discussed in the forums and on blogs next . But few are discussing how to cover up these weaknesses in order to become a seo friendly blogspot .

At the time of this post skipper , the skipper will discuss how to cover up the weaknesses blogspot blog to be a powerful engine in SEO for your blog flooded with thousands of visitors from google . From the eyes of a beginner , Squire outlines some fatal problems on machines bloggers and solution :

Blogspot / Blogger does not have " the real categories "
Basically blogspot machine has no real category . Most of the bloggers capitalize on the " label " as their category .

Squire robots.txt analysis on his blogspot and found that all that had the same url address " / search " will not follow by google robots and the resulting address is not in the index by google . Blogspot url address labels ( eg : http://ot3t.blogspot.com/search/label/SEO % 20SEO % 20Blogspot ) also contains " / search " . This means that the label will not be in the index blogger and a link to google blogspot label will not dianggab as backlinks .

Solution : Use the tag " nofollow " to any link to the label , either in the post or on the sidebar . Remember ! provide a backlink to a blogspot url address on the label is futile .

Not SEO friendly blogspot template
From start to issue title , meta tags , and other related post - other , not by default provide by bloggers . For that my friend can add the essential features by editing the html code blog .

Blogspot template is not valid xhtml
Actually, it can be said is a big problem on the machine blogspot , but from the observation of a beginner as skipper even see non - valid -an blogspot template is not particularly affect to an engine - seo - blogger . Examples can be seen a few keywords in google instead controlled by blogger powered blogs . These blogs have so many errors when in check with w3c validator , but that does not make these blogs can not wandered in google SERP . Whether this is just a myth or not , have a valid html blogspot will certainly ease the way toward the top mate in google SERP .

Solution : Squire advised to use valid html templates blogspot om homemade choen ( deconstructioncode.blogspot.com ) . download here .

Post the url address limited
Try his buddies skipper noticed the following post the url address , http://ot3t.blogspot.com/2014/01/ways-to-seo-optimize-your-site-with.html , the title of the article is , How to install meta tag on each post automatically . consider the writing in red and compare with the post title . Apparently, not all titles will be posting the url address of our blog articles . Rather it will be truncated to only 6 words . As a result , the effect of the post terhadapat position in SERP for as long as this mate and skipper keywor know that there will be very influential on the url in google .

Solution : when will post an article , try to shorten the post title to a maximum of 6 main words only . Then , after terpublish directly edit again and change the title to complete before the title was shortened . Example : skipper aka sebuar publish an article titled , How to install meta tag on each post automatically , then the skipper would change the title to : metatags pairs each post automatically . Then after publish , edit skipper back to the original title .
Well , so learn seo for blogspot post this time from the skipper . Perhaps there is an extra ? or there is another problem with seo for blogspot ?


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