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Jan 10, 2014

Make Blinking Bulb Blockquote Hover Effect in Blog

Actually, hell, Blockquote in Blogger itself is already on the blog that are still using the standard template or the original default blogger template. However blockquote the default blogger template that is still the only mamberikan blockquote facilities that still can be said blockquote pure or simple, because it is still standard and not have any effect at this time I tersebut.dan blockquote For more details, here is how to How to Make a Blockquote Hover Effect Blinking Bulb On the Blog: 

1. Log in to blogger.
2. Then click Template >> Edit HTML
3. Then look up the code
]]> </ b: skin> use CTRL + F to facilitate the search.
4. Once you find it, copy the code below and then place it just above or before the code
]]> </ b: skin>

blockquote { background: #000 url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-8GhtdkYj2DU/UbMiHpbdN7I/AAAAAAAABSA/yHFP46LAvN0/s1600/Blockquote-wahyu-only-gelap.jpg) no-repeat right bottom ; margin: 0 20px; padding: 20px 70px 20px 20px; color:#595959; font:Courier new; border:1px solid #DDD; } blockquote:hover { background: #000 url(http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-M1KiMuTz81c/UbMiHhVUJHI/AAAAAAAABSE/4b6LV8z_n3A/s1600/Blockquote-wahyu-only-terang.jpg) no-repeat right bottom ; color:#00ff00; } blockquote p { margin: 0; padding-top:10px; }
5. Save Template.

tutorial above is to create a blockquote effect on work while in mouse highlight just like the lights in the room and will appear dark if the mouse is directed away from the blockquote.

, and to bring to the text that you want to make into a blockquote lived alone in the text block then click the Quote button on the toolbar post column.


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