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Jan 12, 2014


NoFollow and DoFollow two terms may very often be heard by us especially Bloggermania. Well maybe there are of us who do not know or do not really understand apasih Nofollow and Dofollow it? When we talk about SEO (search engine optimization) sometimes we often come across the term nofollow, dofollow, meta tags, and other robots. All of these terms are terms related to SEO techniques.
In this post I will explain about nofollow and dofollow in my understanding as a blogger. Especially for beginners who are new to SEO or those who are still uncertain about nofollow or dofollow, hopefully this post will be beneficial.

NoFollow: links are nofollow in pairs will make the link will not follow by the google search engine robots, but this does not mean it has no effect on per-SEO's, its influence must exist, however google still count the number of links that point to a website though the link is nofollow plug on another website, so you should not hesitate to comment on other blogs, as this will make your blog have better SEO. And to put a nofollow link on the web, can be a way to add the code rel = "nofollow", for more details please see the example below:


<a href="http://ot3t.blogspot.com" rel="nofollow">Ot3t</a>

Dofollow: links nofollow dofollow is the opposite of that which the links are dofollow attribute will allow use google (or all of the search engine-red) to follow the link. So that will give you a backlink from a website or blog using dofollow attribute. If you are a webmaster or admin dofollow blog applying it is a form of appreciation to the visitors to get a backlink from the web so it is better known as the "link love" or give one's love in the form of a link :). Usually use dofollow tag on the website will be vulnerable to spam comments. Dofollow is enable keyword in anchor text indexed in search results on search engines. This means that when you connect to any web site or page, use targeted keywords as anchor text. But it should also be remembered for comments that are relevant to the content on the web page.


<a href="http://ot3t.blogspot.com" rel="dofollow">Ot3t</a>

How to check DoFollow LINK AND NOFOLLOW

How to find a link nofollow or dofollow, we could be able to use a number of ways, for example by using mozilla firefox add-ons, please search on your browser add-ons called NoDoFollow. In this way we can know what kind of relationship a fast link, for example we want to see a link to a blog comment dofollow or nofollow, now we just do the right-click anywhere and click NoDoFollow, the type nofollow link will appear red, and links which type would dofollow blue.


NoFollow links: usually used to rank the blogs we do not go down even though we put a link of a website, so we are free to put links Additional web without fear of our ranking will go down

DoFollow Link: typically used to boost other web ranking, for example we have 2 sites, the first site that already has a rank (pagerank) high, while the second site still have a rank / low pagerank, to boost our web second, we can put links on the first web site that second. Can also be used to obtain good SERP in search engines with specific keywords. And can also be used to exchange links with each other the intent to boost SERP for certain keywords.

But it should also be remembered for comments that are relevant to the content on the web page. Well, with a discussion about nofollow and dofollow on this post, I returned to bloggers whether to apply the principle of nofollow or dofollow? Happy Blogging :)


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