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Oct 6, 2016

Download Xposed Installer Apk v2.4 Final

A framework which gives you the possibility to modify your ROM - without modifying any APK (developers) or flashing (users)!
extended the /system/bin/app_process executable to load a JAR file on startup. The classes of this file will sit in every process (including the one for system services) and can act with their powers. And even more:
I have implemented something that allows developers to replace any method in any class (may it be in the framework, systemui or a custom app). This makes Xposed very powerful. You can change parameters for the method call, modify the return value or skip the call to the method completely - it's all up to you! Also replacing or adding resources is easy.

Whats New:
Support for Android 4.4 (KitKat) in Dalvik mode (ART is not supported, see below)
Significant performance improvements of the framework
Viewer for the debug.log in the installer
Check in the installer whether Xposed is actually active and working 

Download :


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