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Jan 10, 2014

5 Reasons Not Indexed Pages Google Blog Back

Google is the search engine of the most famous and biggest source of visitor arrival / visitors each blog, because I almost provide all the information needed by every human being, and a blog where we like to get the information required every owner problem. Every webmaster always wants any written content can be quickly indexed by the search engine king, as it can as parameter how I love to blog. Google is the biggest source of any blog reader, than that every webmaster race the race to get the highest ranking within Google search results (Search Engine Result Page)

.What a surprise when we see a case where pengindex long time-an unusual content that is long enough. With mental problems would be down and unconsciously ourselves panic and dizziness. every incident of course there must be a reason, maybe I will review the reasons that this may be a good reason why not blog articles indexed quickly. following reviews:

5 Reasons Not Indexed Pages Google Blog Back

Reason # 1 - Backlink.

Backlink is like food that must be met in a blog, backlink building a path for the robot crawler crawler process to our blog. Deficiency or excess can be factored article backlinks not indexed quickly. Low quality backlink search and too much can also lead to the writing we do not deserve to compete in the Google SERP. Ensure your blog to get quality backlinks and not overdone / over. Google does not like too many backlinks. Plus not too many quality backlink will be considered spam and your blog will surely get a penalty from the famous search engine. (Sandbox, Dance, De-Index, or Banned / Delete). YES Quality, Quantity NO. !

Reason # 2 - Quality Content.

Amount and quality of backlinks right, but if it is not balanced with the same writing quality content only content we will underestimated. Google increasingly selective in placing an article in the SERP rank them, because they want to guarantee satisfaction information through a Google search. terms The terms of quality content is reader satisfaction guaranteed, neat, and writing with high dedication . Therefore, do not write with the origin - arbitrary because it could be obtained spurious results. Quality content is measured by how we love writing the article.

Reason # 3 - Sitemap Not Indexed In Google Webmaster.

Further reason is that we submit sitemap in Google webmaster bit indexed or not indexed at all.This sort of thing has also been experienced by the blog SEO Tips Tricks Blogger Beginner ,-I was surprised and quite frantic in resolving this issue, and thanks sitemap This blog has been indexed again by Google.

then How Do I Solve This Problem?.

At that time, my problem lies in the Settings >> Others >> Feedback Site >> Allow Blog Feeds , my case lies in the Allow Blog Feeds I set none . Knowing article is not indexed and not indexed sitemap blind following me instantly replace mode toFull . And every few days sitemap indexed again.
But the problem has not been completed, there is one sitemap is not indexed by Google as a result the indexed content is not as fast as usual. After consulting with a friend who told me to re-submit the sitemap, sitemap and the next day back to normal until today.

Reason # 4 - Errors Pengotimalan Robots.txt.

Robots.txt is a temptation to accelerate the robot crawler's pengindex our writing. But I emphasize here, for you are still a newbie / beginner in Robots.txt should learn first because mistakes can make a robots.txt optimization of your blog article is not indexed.Not only all of his article, homepage-even Google can not indexed. Robots.txt Optimization tailored to our needs, therefore make sure my friend has mastered the kind of thing Robots.txt password (Command To Crawler Robot.)

Reason # 5 - Publishing a Overstated Articles In 1 Day. 

Same is the case with a lot of backlinks for seo experts recommended that the search for backlinks should not be exaggerated / over, in the world of publishing artikelpun also apply. fifth reason is also ever experienced when I found this article because it is not indexed to make new articles are too much. Of it, make a reasonable amount of content that Google will treat your blog with a reasonable Hopefully the article above can be a reference for us to write quality articles to satisfy readers. Writing content with high dedication would not hurt anyway, we ourselves are going to get the blog thankfully we loved and loved Google Reader :)


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